What makes Olio such an integral part of a lifestyle change?

 “Progress not Perfection” that’s a saying that can be used in many different settings, but one way is changing your lifestyle.
Weight loss is a major part for most in changing lifestyle. On and off again diet plans become very detrimental in one’s efforts to lose weight consistently. The approach has to be long term, progressive change, and result based. Preaching it is one thing, but practicing it is another. One of the first steps in practicing it is making BioRhythm’s Olio a part of your lifestyle change.
What makes Olio such an integral part of a lifestyle change? How is Olio different from other weight loss supplements?
Olio is formulated with researched based ingredients that are not only proven to be effective for long term weight loss, but are also safe to use over an extended period of time. Most weight loss products on the market today warn users of not extending their usage past 1-2 bottles consecutively. Olio doesn’t warn of that, because there’s no safety risk of long term use.
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is one of the key ingredients found in Olio.  A study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity in 2007 found that CLA given to both healthy and overweight adults ranging from 18-44 over a 6 month period resulted in a significant reduction in body body fat, and improved body composition compared to the placebo group. This study was conducted over the “holiday season,” which is the most likely time period that American adults gain weight.
Again, change is all about “progress not perfection.” When you start changing areas of your lifestyle, it’s in the hopes that the change will be long term. CLA has been proven to be a part of a long term change plan.
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