BioRhythm Doesn’t Follow Trends, We Set Them!

How many times have you walked into the locker room of your local fitness center, and saw someone load up their shaker cup with scoop after scoop after scoop of protein powder for post workout! The science side of me is glad they’re thinking wisely about their post workout recovery with Whey protein; however the common sense side of me is thinking “What the he** is that person doing consuming that much protein!”

Yes- incorporating Whey protein post workout makes sense, but not 100 grams of it! Even 50 grams of whey protein for a guy who is 120lbs,  and recently started to lift weights is way too much protein. The old saying “Less is more,” rings very true with AfterGlow!

AfterGlow is a trend setting product. Trend setting meaning first of its kind! Post workout products before AfterGlow recommended 40-50g of protein per serving. Of course anyone who bought those products, including myself at 16  thought “More protein, more muscle.” After experiencing ongoing stomach discomfort and cramping, I decided to back off the protein amount and guess what-I gained muscle and had zero discomfort!

Now AfterGlow wasn’t something that was just thought up, it was based off of research!  One research study in particular that brought more attention to the benefits of a lower protein amount for recovery was one done in 2007 by Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism.

They took eight, resistance train men (age=21+/-1 .0 years; BMI=26.8+/-0.9 kg/m), and had them participate in a double-blind randomized crossover trial in which they performed a unilateral leg resistance exercise workout (EX: 4 sets of knee extensions and 4 sets of leg press; 8-10 repetitions/set; 80% of maximal). After exercise,  each subject consumed either an isoenergetic whey protein plus carbohydrate beverage (WHEY: 10 g protein and 21 g fructose) or a carbohydrate-only beverage (CHO: 21 g fructose and 10 g maltodextran). Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) was then measured after the post workout beverages were consumed, and the result was the MPS was greater in the protein/carb beverage than just the carbohydrate mixed beverage.

10g of protein and 21g of carbohydrates is all it took for an increase-wow! So to all you post workout protein junkies who consume 2-3 servings of your post workout protein per workout-you’re wasting your money! 1 Scoop of AfterGlow, and the results are proven!


Tang JE, Manolakos JJ, Kujibida GW, Lysecki PJ, Moore DR, Phillips SM.

Minimal whey protein with carbohydrate stimulates muscle protein synthesis following resistance exercise in trained young men

Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2007 Dec;32(6):1132-8