It’s not just about the supplement; the Pre-workout meal is just as important!

It’s not just about the supplement; the Pre-workout meal is just as important!

We place so much attention on what pre-workout supplement we’re taking we forget the fact that the Pre-workout meal is just as important! Let me start by setting an example scenario that many of us have encountered.

You leave workout at 5pm, the last meal you had was lunch around 12:30pm. Your workout plan for the day is heavy legs. You arrive at the gym, and the first thing you do is take your serving of Pre-Glow (great Pre-workout choice). You feel energized for about 30 minutes into the workout, and then all of a sudden you completely crash! Focus is lost, energy is zapped, and most importantly your workout went from promising to depressing!

Let’s rewind for a second and think about what went wrong with your afternoon. Nutrition is a critical component of our success in & outside of the gym. We try to “Supplement up,” to achieve gains, but in the long run nutrition is the difference maker. Not consuming a pre-workout snack was a huge mistake!

What are the key components of a pre-workout snack? Pay attention, because this information is vital for training success:

1.      Consume a snack within a time frame of 30-90 minutes pre-workout

2.      Low in fiber

-Fiber aids in digestion, but it also slows digestion. You want your pre-workout snack to break down quickly, so the nutrients from the food are ready to be active!

     3. Low in fat

            -Fat is a crucial component of our daily intake, but it’s not an ideal macronutrient for a pre-workout snack. Fat slows digestion, and isn’t a readily available energy source

      4. Protein/Simple Carbs

            -A power packed protein source (whey protein, chicken, turkey breast, etc) with simple carbohydrates (bananas, white rice, white potatoes etc).

So to prove how effective a pre-workout combination of carbohydrates and protein is, a study was done in 2014 on male and female Cross fit Athletes. The athletes were given a pre-workout and post workout blend of carbohydrates and protein for 6 weeks.VO2max, Wingate peak (WPP) and mean power (WMP) were all improved by the end of the 6 week study. Now, the results could be because the athletes improved over time from training, or the protein w/ carbohydrate blend pre-workout made the difference and excelled their performance!

Having the best Pre-Workout supplement (Pre-Glow) on the market MAY enhance your performance, but making sure you’re properly fueling your muscles with a Pre-Workout snack WILL enhance your performance!


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