Pre-Glow to prevent Pre-Exhaustion!

We’re coming out with our new Pre-workout “Pre-Glow!” Looking at the label all the ingredients are very common ingredients, but the difference maker is the combination of ingredients and the right ingredients to make up the Best Pre-Workout!

Let’s take Beta Alanine for example…..Beta Alanine has been around for many years. It really gained a lot of popularity 10 years or so ago, and then you didn’t hear much about it. But why is that? I can’t answer why it lost steam, maybe because it isn’t “sexy” enough anymore. I personally don’t care if an ingredient is “sexy,” all I care is that the ingredient/product works, shows results, and has some research to back it up! Beta Alanine has all 3 factors!

Let’s take a look at a recent study done by the European Journal of Exercise Physiology in 2014 titled “Effects of beta-alanine supplementation and interval training on physiological determinants of severe exercise performance.” Sixteen active men performed incremental cycling tests and 90-s severe (110 % peak power) cycling tests at three time points: before and after oral supplementation with either beta-alanine or placebo, and after an 11-days HIT block (9 sessions, 4 × 4 min), which followed supplementation.

The results showed that Beta-alanine increased leg muscle carnosine, during 90-s severe cycling, beta-alanine increased aerobic energy contribution, concurrent with reduced O2 deficit  and a reduced muscle lactate accumulation. All this basically means that Beta Alanine has been shown by this study, and many others to reduce

– Jeff Lucchino