Afterglow proves all the critics that promote “protein only” post workout WRONG!

So, you’re starting the New Year on your typical diet. You decided to go low carbohydrate to shed off the pounds quickly. To go low carbohydrate you decide to forgo consuming carbohydrates post workout-BIG MISTAKE!

We already know that Leucine ingested  post workout increases muscle protein synthesis compared to a carbohydrate ingested alone. But what about any added benefits of Leucine ingested combined with a carbohydrate?

In 2008 the American Journal of Physiology decided to study the potential benefits of Leucine and a carbohydrate source ingested post workout. You might want to pay attention as to what the results where!

The ingestion of Leucine combined with a simple carbohydrate post workout increased muscle protein synthesis at the 1 hour mark post workout compared to the control. At the 2 hour mark the Leucine and carbohydrate mixture continued to increase protein synthesis compared to the control group.

I understand the importance of finding the right macronutrient balance that’s ideal for weight loss, but eliminating carbohydrates post workout isn’t maximizing protein synthesis.

Afterglow proves all the critics that promote “protein only” post workout WRONG!


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