AfterGlow Antioxidant Benefit Research

AfterGlow has proven a few post workout myths to be facts:

Myth: Carbohydrates aren’t need post workout

Fact: Carbohydrates are  most certainly needed for post workout recovery. Carbohydrates replace glycogen, which is one of our main sources of fuel during workouts. Carbohydrates also act as a transportation system in our body to transfer nutrients to broken down muscle fibers.

Myth: As long as you have protein in your post workout drink that’s all the recovery you need

Fact: AfterGlow takes recovery to a whole new level with its “Anti-Inflammation Phytonutrient Compound.”  One of the main ingredients in this compound is a beta amino acid called Taurine.

In a recent study that gave Taurine supplements to young athletes following eccentric exercise,  the Taurine supplementationresulted in increased strength levels and thiol total content and decreased muscle soreness, lactate dehydrogenase level, creatine kinase activity, and oxidative damage.

What this translates to is quicker recovery, prevention of further muscle breakdown post workout, enhanced muscular strength, and enhanced muscular endurance. This means Taurine not only has an immediate impact on post workout recovery, but a more long term impact up to the next workout.

There is always a key reason why we add certain ingredients to specific categories in a product. Not only is Afterglow benefiting the immediate post workout needs, it’s adding value to your long term recovery hours after working out.