AdrenaLean’s formula contains 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per capsule

Whenever you look at a thermogenic/fat burner, 9 out of 10x will look straight to the dosage of caffeine. Why? Most will state that they don’t like a lot of caffeine because there are no performance benefits, and it’s just a way to stimulate the body into producing more energy.

If this was true, then why do companies continue to place caffeine in their products? Take Biorhythm’s AdrenaLean, it’s formula contains 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per capsule. Again, you might look at that amount of caffeine and be completely turned off because of the dose, and perceived lack of exercise/performance benefits.

A study was performed in 2005 . A meta-analytic approach by Doherty and Smith (2005) was used to measure the effects of caffeine on rate of perceived exertion (RPE). The results reported that during the constant load exercising, RPE was reduced by 5.6% in comparison with the placebo group, also there was an 11.2% increase in test performance for those taking the caffeine supplement.

Yes, caffeine is a stimulant. It elevates the heart rate, increases blood pressure, but so does exercise naturally! What caffeine can do is increase your performance in the gym. It’s been proven with science! For all you Caffeine haters out there-don’t hate caffeine, hate the data!


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