Courtney Holdrieth

Name: Courtney Holdrieth

Sport: NPC  Bikini Athlete

Location: Pittsburgh

Age: 25

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 128 lbs


Links : 

Facebook : Courtney Holdrieth

Twitter : Courtney Holdrieth

Instagram : Courtney Holdrieth


Fav biorhythm products:

1. Olio

2. AfterGlow

Workout Playlist:

Jason Derulo -Talk Dirty Lyrics
Ciara – Keep On Looking

MGK- Lace Up

In This Moment- Burn

Disturbed- Stricken

Usher- I_F_U

Christina Aguileria- Your Body

Natalia Kills- Wonderland

Bullet For My Valentine- Tears Dont Fall

Krewella- Killin it


Fav quote:

“You can have results or you can have excuses, you can’t have both.”

“Leave no doubt.”

“If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions.”

Anjali Antani

Name: Anjali Antani

Sport: Fitness Model

Location: Naperville

Age: 38

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 112 lbs


Links : 

Facebook : AnjaliAntani

Twitter : AnjaliAntani

Instagram : AnjaliAntani


Fav biorhythm products:

1. Olio

2. AfterGlow


Fav quote:

My favorite quote is “The only journey is the one within.” (Rainer Maria Rilke).

I am 38, live in Naperville, IL and have been training since 2009… and have never looked back.  I enjoy weight training, running, skiing, and yoga.  I am a veterinary nurse and love animals of all shapes and sizes!

I began competing in 2010 and was able to achieve my IFPA pro card at my second show.  Today, I am focused on fitness, well being, and gaining more knowledge about nutrition and learning how it can benefit my training program.  I started training because I had overcome some health challenges and body image problems and wanted to see how much more I could achieve.  I look at obstacles as learning opportunities towards understanding my strengths and weaknesses.  

Gene Flynn

Name: Gene Flynn

Sport: Highland Games

Location: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Age: 50

Height: 6’2″

Links : 

Blog: Irishceltraining

YouTube: Chirolifter

Workout Playlist: Led Zeppelin to Rush to Korn to NIN..  Loud and heavy gets me through squats!!

Fav biorhythm products: O2 Positive, AfterGlow, Kre-Alkalyn, Whole Gains

Favorite Quotes:
“Keep Killin it…”
“It’s what you do when no one is watching that builds character”



Name:  Bigfoot

Sport:  Rock Tossing, Elk Wrangling, Mountaineering.

Location: Pacific Northwest

Age: Unknown

Height: 8 ft 4 in

Weight:  575 lbs.


Workout Playlist:

Welcome to the Jungle, Monster Mash, Roar, Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme Song)


Favorite Products: 

1. Square Meal

2. AfterGlow

3. Androbolix 300


Favorite Quote:  

I fear no man, no beast or evil, brother. – Hulk Hogan